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Zilla Incandescent Day Blue Light Bulb 50W

Product Description

Day Blue Light Incandescent Bulbs provides basking heat source for reptiles to regulate their body temperature Emits full-spectrum light and UVA rays needed for a healthy reptile environment. Ideal for tropical and desert habitats; the day blue lamp generates a gentle blue light that enhances the color of reptiles while providing a heat source needed for a healthy reptile environment. The uncoated blue glass allows the bulb to transfer more heat to the reptile enclosure, allowing the reptile to bask in its warmth. This full-spectrum lamp emits energy across all visible wavelengths from 400nm to 700nm and UVA rays from 315nm to 400nm. For UVB output, use Zilla Desert 50 and Tropical 25 UVB Fluorescent bulbs This Product/Package Measures: 2.50 in. L x2.50 in W x5.25 in D

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