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Coastal Safari Complete Cat Brush

Product Description

Our Safari Complete Cat Brush is perfect for keeping cats well groomed and looking great. The combination of a soft slicker and bristle brush promotes a healthy, shiny coat. The Complete Cat Brush helps to remove mats, tangles, loose hair and helps reduce shedding. Regular brushing distributes natural oils, leaving the coat soft and silky. The Complete Cat Brush works great on both longhaired and shorthaired cats. Frequent brushing helps prevent hairballs and enhances the coat's natural luster. Brush in the direction of hair growth, from head to tail and then down the legs. For shorthaired cats, use small, quick strokes angling the brush to remove loose hair and debris. Use flowing strokes, separating the hair as needed, for longhaired cats. To fluff coat, brush against direction of hair growth. Avoid removing too much hair at one time. Watch for mats behind ears, on chest, stomach and hind legs. This Product/Package Measures: 7.75 in. L x4.88 in W x1.63 in D

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