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Pet Life 'Gyrater' Swivel Travel Dual-Rowed Grooming Undercoat Pet Rake

Product Description

The Pet Life 'Gyrater' Swivel Travel Undercoat Pet Rake features a Built-in customizable rotating handle hinge that both swivels and locks into place at the press of a button to your desired handle setting. This Comb offers both a Palm and Knuckle Handle grip options and features a contoured inner grip with a Rubber-like TPR material for added comfort while combing. Designed to place less Stress on the hands and wrists during usage. The Comb features High-Quality Stainless-Steel Dematting Blades that are designed to Remove harder-to-pull Mats and Tangles from coarse or long matted hairs while smoothening their coats. Great for all Cat and Dog Breeds, best when used on pets with longer hair. Small and Compact make it perfect for Travel.

4.37 X 2.8 X 1.89

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